Terms and conditions

Online Shop Terms and conditions

  1. Company, contact:
    1. 1. The online shop operating on the Internet at www.culturadestrada.com is owned by Dobre A. Cosmin PFA, based in Arad, 35 Măgurele street, registered at the Trade Registry of Arad under no F2/1159/2018 having CUI 40135589.
    1. 2. The Customer may contact the entity who owns the online shop as follows:
  1. General rules of using the Străbuna Cultură de stradă online shop:
    1. 1. The online shop may be used only by persons who are at least 18 years old.
    1. 2. Anyone under 18 may use the online shop only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.
    1. 3. Anyone who registers and shops in the online shop gives their personal data and agrees to their processing by Străbuna Cultură de stradă on the terms as defined in the Privacy Policy.
    1. 4. To confirm the correctness of the data given during the registration in the online shop, the Customer receives an e-mail with username and a temporary password.
  1. Order placement:
    1. 1. Orders are accepted through www.culturadestrada.com.
    1. 2. The products in the online shop are specifically marked. The website includes information about the features of the products, their prices, materials of which they are made, and size (if applicable).
    1. 3. While ordering a product, the Customer selects it in a manner specific for that product, defining in particular its size (if applicable) and the quantity of the ordered products.
  1. How to buy in the online shop – a detailed guide:
    1. 1. Once the Customer chooses a product, the „Add to cart” icon should be clicked.
    1. 2. The product is moved to „Cart”, that becomes visible after clicking the basket icon in the upper right corner of the site. The Customer can go to basket by clicking the icon and „View cart” button, which activates a page displaying all the products in basket.
    1. 3. Selecting the „ Proceed to checkout” option will launch a page where the Customer should enter data required for the transaction and shipment of the ordered products.
    1. 4. Customer can choose to pay by: via PayPal, direct bank transfer (make your payment directly into our bank account with your Order ID, as the payment reference), cash on delivery (only in Romania), or online via EuPlatesc with credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro).
    1. 5. The Customer places the order by clicking the „Place order” button.
    1. 6. After clicking the „Place order” button, and if the Customer has selected online payment – after making the payment through PayPal or EuPlatesc, the Customer is redirected to a page confirming the order, from that page, they can either continue shopping or go to order summary.
    1. 7. If online payment is chosen as the payment method (bank transfer or pay with your card via PayPal or EuPlatesc), the payment must be made immediately after the order was placed. If Străbuna Cultură de stradă or the entities participating in the transaction (PayPal or EuPlatesc) do not receive the payment, the order is considered to have been placed incorrectly, which means that there is no contract and the order will not be processed. If this is the case, the Customer will have to place another order.
    1. 8. At any stage of the order placement, until the payment is made, the Customer can cancel the order by discontinuing the ordering process and leaving the ordering website. An order the placement of which has not been completed will not be processed.
    1. 9. Promptly after an order is placed, the Customer will receive an order confirmation e-mail to the address they have specified in the login details. The e-mail will include an individual order number that can be used, for example to check order status. The confirmation will include a review of the Products, the price and payment method chosen, as well as the place, modality and shipping costs. Until Order Confirmation, the owner of the online shop does not have the obligation to deliver the products to the Customer.
    1. 10. Străbuna Cultură de stradă may contact the Customer at the e-mail address or the indicated phone number, to clarify any doubt, confirm the order placement or in any other matters connected with order processing.
  1. Prices:
    1. 1. The prices in the online shop, set in euro, are gross prices, excluding VAT (PFA non-VAT paid).
    1. 2. The price of the product is increased by the shipping cost, which depends on the selected shipping and payment method.
    1. 3. The price specified on the site, at the moment of placing the order is the final price, binding both upon the Customer and Străbuna Cultură de stradă. Once the order is placed, the price will not change, notwithstanding any price adjustments made by Străbuna Cultură de stradă and regardless of any special offers or clearance sale campaigns.
    1. 4. Străbuna Cultură de stradă reserves the right to change the prices of the products available in the online shop, launch new products, launch and cancel special offers on the shop’s websites or change them in line with the Civil Code and other applicable laws.
  1. Availability of the ordered products:
    1. 1. All the products offered in the online shop are in stock.
    1. 2. Although the shop owner permanently ensures that all products on the website, marked as such, are available, there may be exceptional situations (for example, in the case of simultaneous orders, in the case of technical failures in the online shop management, etc.) in which a product is still unavailable, so the order can not be accepted. If this is the case, the Customer will be informed that the order cannot be processed.
    1. 3. The product data sheet includes full information about the size range.
  1. Inability to process an order:
    1. 1. If a product is out of stock or the order cannot be processed for any other reason, the Customer will be notified via e-mail or phone about any order processing issues and possible solutions.
  1. Shipping method:
    1. 1. The shipping of the Products ordered on this website will take place both on the territory of Romania and in the European Union.
    1. 2. If the Customer uses a bank transfer or online payment method (PayPal or EuPlatesc), the order processing commences after Dobre A. Cosmin PFA account is confirmed to have been credited (through PayPal or EuPlatesc) with 100% of the amount due for the order – this is the time from which the shipping term of the products begins to run to the Customer..
    1. 3. Once the Customer has received the confirmation by e-mail of the order, it will be shipping by us to the Courier and will be shipping to you by Courier within 3 to 10 working days in Romania and between 10 to 20 working days in the EU from order confirmation or from when Dobre A. Cosmin PFA account is credited with 100% of the order value for online payments. The shipping time can be longer during clearance sales or special campaigns. Workdays are from Monday to Friday, except for public holidays.
      When we deliver the Order to the Courier, you will receive a notification by e-mail or sms at the phone number provided.
      For shipping, you will be contacted in advance by Courier, which you agree to provide your contact information for this purpose.
    1. 4. Orders are shipping by a courier service chosen by Străbuna Cultură de stradă (FanCourier).
    1. 5. The shipping costs are those specified in the special box at the time of completion and placement of the Order, as subsequently confirmed by the confirmation e-mail. By completing and placing the Order, you agree to pay shipping costs together with the Product price. The shipping cost applies to each package, with a value less than 80 euro.
  1. Order payment methods:
    Based on the data provided in the Account registration, the owner of the online shop will issue the invoice in electronic form to the Customer. The Customer declares that he or she expressly understands and accepts such a billing method.
    The trading currency is Ron and the conversion is done at the BNR exchange rate when you choose to complete the order.
    Payment can only be made in the manner specified in the ordering procedure:

    1. 1. Străbuna Cultură de stradă accepts bank transfer, or online payment transactions via PayPal or EuPlatesc. In the case of online transactions, the customer is safely redirected to website of the payment operator. The payment operation takes place between the Customer and the selected payment operator.
    1. 2. Străbuna Cultură de stradă does not accept traditional transfers, so the Customer will not receive any account number to which they can transfer the money, for example at a post office.
    1. 3. The Customer must have a card that allows them to make online payments. Payment by card is made through PayPal or EuPlatesc. The payment operation is made between the Customer and the operator of the Customer’s card.
      Your card/account will only be debited after you have completed and placed your order. For your safety, all transactions are encrypted. At the time the card transaction is approved, the payment amount is immediately blocked on your card/account and will be debited from your account when the seller sends you confirmation of the order by e-mail.
      If you’ve chosen the online credit card payment method via EuPlatesc, you need to fill out a form with your card information on the secure payment processor page. Credit/debit card payments issued under the logo Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) are performed through the 3D Secure system elaborate by organizations which ensures online transactions the same level of security as ATMs or store transactions. 3D Secure first ensures that no other information about your card is not transferred or stored on the online shop servers or on the payment processor servers, these data being directly entered into Visa and MasterCard systems.
      Important to know! There is no commission charge for bank card payments!
    1. 4. The online shop will never send the Customer a notice stating that the account for the payment has changed and that a traditional transfer needs to be made. If the Customer receives such an e-mail, they should not make the payment or respond to the e-mail, but forward the e-mail in an unchanged form to Străbuna Cultură de stradă to office@culturadestrada.com.
  1. Sales contract:
    1. 1. The information available on www.culturadestrada.com does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, does not constitute a pre-contract or other commitment of Străbuna Cultură de stradă to the Customer. The sales contract is considered to be rescission only when the Customer receives by e-mail from Stăbuna Cultură de stradă the Order confirmation.
    1. 2. The transfer of property and risks to Products occurs at the time of delivery of the package containing the Products, under the condition to full payment of the Price and shipping cost.
  1. Warranty:
    1. 1. For the Products delivered, the Seller grants a warranty in accordance with the law, the products being accompanied by appropriate certificates.
  1. Contract rescission:
    1. 1. The Customer has the right to rescind the sales contract within 30 days without cause.
    1. 2. The right of rescission expires 30 days of the day on which the Customer came into possession of the products, or a third party specified by the Customer and other than the carrier, came into possession of the product.
    1. 3. To exercise the right of rescission, the Customer must submit a clear notice of rescission to Străbuna Cultură de stradă by e-mail to: office@culturadestrada.com.
    1. 4. To make sure that the rescission deadline is adhered to, it is enough for the Customer to send the notice on exercising their right to rescind the contract before the expiry of the rescission deadline.
    1. 5. In the event of sales contract rescission, within 14 days from the date of return of the Products, in the proper condition, as shown in these Terms and Conditions, Străbuna Cultură de stradă will refund the received payment of the product. This will be done by bank transfer (in your account communicated by you through e-mail). The shipping cost will be supported by the Customer.
    1. 6. Străbuna Cultură de stradă will reimburse within 14 days from receiving the returned product.
    1. 7. In the event of sales contract rescission, Customer is required to return the Products in the proper condition in which they were received, with the tags attached and with the original box, showing no signs of wear, spots or defects due to cause of usage, within 14 days of the announcement of the rescission decision.
    1. 8.The product may be returned at the Customer’s option or through the courier chosen by Străbuna Cultură de stradă, at the Customer cost.
    1. 9. If sets of Products have been delivered, the entire set has to be returned as it was delivered. If a gift Product has also been received at delivery, it must also be returned. Any Product must be returned with all its accessories in the proper condition, just like the Product.
    1. 10. The Customer will be liable for diminished value of the product resulting from its being used otherwise than as necessary to determine the nature, features and functioning of the product.
      Regarding the condition of returned Products, examining their condition, will be done by the Manufacturer within 14 days of received, the Customer being informed within this deadline by e-mail in case of non-conformities that reduce the amount to be repaid. Customer agrees to this procedure.
  1. Complaints:
    1. 1. Products that are marketed through the online shop are new products, which have no defects. If the products have any defects, Străbuna Cultură de stradă shall be liable for this.
      The customer is required to pay attention to the colors of the Products and to take into account the fact that, due to the settings of their own computer/electronic device, certain real colors of the Products delivered may differ from what the Customer’s computer/electronic device displayed at the time of the Order. These differences can not be considered as non-conformities.
    1. 2. If the Products have defects found within 2 working days of delivery or occurred within the warranty period, the Customer may address with a complaint sent by e-mail to the address shown in Section Contact and return the Products, in accordance with the procedure outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
    1. 3. The returned products will be sent to: Romania, Arad, 35 Măgurele street, postal code 310490.
    1. 4. Străbuna Cultură de stradă will review the complaint within 14 days and inform the Customer of the outcome.
    1. 5. If Customer’s claim is found to be well-founded, defective Products will be replaced or, in case of inability to replace, Customer will be refunded the Price within 14 days from resolving the complaint.
    1. 6. If the complaint is found to be unfounded, the Customer will be returned the Products at his own expense, accompanied by an e-mail explaining that the complaint was found to be unfounded, without any other obligation on the part of the Străbuna Cultură de stradă.
    1. 7. In the event of the Străbuna Cultură de stradă reimbursing the Price, the provisions of the appropriate section of these Terms and Conditions shall apply accordingly.
  1. Canceling an order:
    1. 1. The Customer can cancel a completed order by calling +40 774 427 662 / +40 774 427 660 or by sending a message to our e-mail address office@culturadestrada.com within 24 hours of placing it.
  1. Miscellaneous:
    A proof of purchase accompanies each purchased product. Străbuna Cultură de stradă will not be responsible for incorrect data provided by Customer.

    1. 1. Personal data processing:
      The Customer’s consent to processing of personal data is voluntary but failure to grant the consent to the personal data processing makes it impossible to register and shop in the online shop. Any information about personal data processing is available in the Privacy Policy.
    1. 2. Personal data processing for marketing purposes:
      The Customer may agree to the processing of their personal data and entrusting of the data to a third part to receive commercial information from Străbuna Cultură de stradă, for example about special offers. Any information about this is available in the Privacy Policy.
  1. Liability:
    1. 1. Liability of Dobre A. Cosmin PFA – In the event of intentional or gross negligence of the Terms and Conditions and/or the Contract: Dobre A. Cosmin PFA as the owner of the online shop will be liable for the losses that are directly and reasonably foreseeable for this violation.
      In any case (excluding liability for damage to a person’s life and/or integrity), the maximum liability to the Customer for any loss or damage that occurs in connection with a Purchase Order, is limited to the total price of that Order.
      Străbuna Cultură de stradă is not responsible for infecting a computer with viruses, for cyber attacks of any kind, for loss of User/Customer data on its devices, or damage to any hardware or program equipment belonging to it.
      Străbuna Cultură de stradă is also not responsible for phishing e-mails or for partner links that may appear at any time on the website.
    1. 2. User/Customer Liability: The User/Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her account data (user/e-mail and password), managing account access and activity through the account, as well as for website browsing. Also, the User/Customer is solely responsible for the reality of any and all data provided to the shop owner and for any damage caused by not complying with these Terms and Conditions and/or the Contract.
  1. Intellectual property:
    1. 1. All content of the website, including but not limited to logos, graphic representations, commercial symbols, static/dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content, is the exclusive property of Străbuna Cultură de stradă.
    1. 2. The User/Customer is not allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, transfer, modify, use, create links, expose, include any element of the website in any User/ Customer or third party material purpose than to conclude a Product Contract and to be informed about the Products marketed on the website without the prior written consent of Străbuna Cultură de stradă in this regard.
    1. 3. By accessing these Terms and Conditions, the User/Customer understands and agrees that it is expressly prohibited to use the website and its contents for purposes other than those expressly permitted under the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Major force:
    If, within 30 days of the date of occurrence, major force event, each side shall have the right to notify the other side terminating the Contract without any one of them being able to claim damages.