About Us

After completing vague studies in psychology, when I was about twenty-one, it was the first time I meditated on the flaw of my existence and then, after re-evaluating my own moral values, I decided to go in search of a timeless dimension. It is a long way, but after years of hesitation I stopped rejoicing over an idea that I still work on today and makes time the first value of my existence.

So, at the beginning of 2017 with small steps, but with great optimism I began to build my own leather workshop. Having the desire to express my deepest creative instincts, I began to outline the most beautiful opportunity I was ever given. Being able to address to the world with my creations, to bring in the new, is a dose of gratitude, but to know that I add value to it makes me incredibly happy. My duty to my creations, is to bring them as far as possible to eternity. Imagining that my ideas might succeed, I show my works as a pure revenge for the producers of ideals and appearances.